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CodeLab v2.19 released

April 15, 2017   -   Filed under: CodeLab

Back in the days of CodeLab v2.17, I contributed a new feature that displayed Error Messages (as tooltips) directly in the code editor. Unfortunately, there was a small bug with that feature: Given the right circumstances, it could crash paint.net.

This crashing bug went unnoticed (or at least unreported) for many months. CodeLab v2.18 was even released before it was reported. Not enough people are using CodeLab on a regular basis! :(


Anyways, v2.19 was released today, and it finally fixes the bug.

Another nice change I added in v2.19 is filtering of the IntelliBox (autocomplete box). As you type, items in the IntelliBox now filter to show only matching items.

^Here the IntelliBox has been filtered to only show items containing “gold”. Since the Gold item starts with “gold”, it is automatically selected.


For the full changelog, and to download, see BoltBait’s post on the official paint.net forums.